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Tribute to Stephen Gately

Posted by lovelyloey on October 11, 2009


Didn’t think I’d see someone I listened to when I was young(er) die so soon. He was like the cutest in Boyzone and despite the really negative social climate back then he outted himself as gay. Now I know what the crazy homophobic world out there is thinking – serve him right for being gay and for dying in a hotel room in Majorca with his boyfriend/husband. But you still can’t deny he’s good. Not many songs to his name, but I think each one was memorable. Like the one above. One of his first solo after he left Boyzone.

Oh well. Not that I’m a huge fan, but it’s just surreal to see one of your childhood pop icon die. Now I know how those old(er) people felt about MJ.

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Snowskin Mooncake

Posted by lovelyloey on September 29, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival is on Saturday. Actually I’m not even sure what mooncakes have to do with mid-Autumn, or why the Chinese people are valourizing a woman who stood up against the husband (seeing how traditional Chinese culture is male chauvinistic). Isn’t the story of mooncake about some spies passing spy notes embedded in mooncakes right under the enemies’ nose? Or was it the one where they hurl mooncakes at the moon in hope that it’d feed moon aliens so they don’t feed on that Ms. Chang who flew to the moon? Oh well, no one really cares. Festivals are all about food. And Mid-Autumn is all about mooncakes. And probably children’s lanterns with awful high octave cheenapok music.

Anyway, ’nuff said. Picture of my snowskin mooncakes.



Recipe acquired from here.

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Get out of the line

Posted by lovelyloey on September 10, 2009

Nuthin’ much to blog, just thought I’d share this video I was watching on Youtube.

It’s a short clip of stand-up comedian John Pinette.

I love shit like this.

I wanna be a stand-up comedian when I grow up too.

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Posted by lovelyloey on August 26, 2009

Last night I had a funny dream.

I was walking in a desert and I saw a lone camel. The camel saw me and knelt down and at the same time somehow signaled that I should get on its back. I was hesitant, but I got on the single-hump camel. I sat on the camel and it started to walk. We passed by a lake. In the middle of the desert. I thought aloud and said to the camel that perhaps we should get a drink of water there. And then the camel replied “we should drink only from running sources of water like a stream” (not verbatim, but something to that effect). I wasn’t the least surprised that the camel talked to me. After walking for a bit more, we arrived at this inn. There was a designated “parking lot” for the camel. I got down, parked the camel and entered the inn. It looked like an inn out of old Western movies – built of wood and contains a bar. I met someone in the inn. Someone I know in real life, but I don’t remember who.

And the dream ended there. How bizarre.

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Theme change

Posted by lovelyloey on July 31, 2009

Because my sidebar was getting too crowded.

The green is quite refreshing methinks.

And I have put up a Twitter widget. For gawdknowswhat reason.

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You know …

Posted by lovelyloey on July 23, 2009

it’s such a sin to grow up at your own pace in today’s would you would think the adults certainly know exactly where they are going.

They don’t.

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Before you get used to this …

Posted by lovelyloey on May 19, 2009

I’m in Boston MA right now blogging off an apartment near Fenway Park (think Red Sox).


And it’s about 21 deg celsius today. Maximum.

I thought I was here for summer!?

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See ya!

Posted by lovelyloey on May 17, 2009

I should be on the flight now.

See y’all in one month!

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Guinea pigs

Posted by lovelyloey on April 28, 2009

Shredder guinea pigs.

I miss having guinea pigs. :(

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Pooh Sticks

Posted by lovelyloey on March 23, 2009

Here I go again corrupting children’s books and rhymes (hence this post has a rating of R21):

I saw this Winnie the Pooh storybook that belongs to my niece and it screamed GAY to me.

Maybe I’m thinking too much. They are just good friends who like to lie on top of each other and nose-kiss.

But apparently Tigger likes all Poohbears’ sticks. Alas, all Poohbears’ sticks prefer Eeyore. (Since the anaphor they cannot refer to Poohbears, only to Pooh Sticks.) So what now, Tigger has to top Eeyore to show him who’s the daddy?!

Ok ok, thinking too much.

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