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Posted by lovelyloey on September 27, 2009

Today I took out my Mum’s mooncake mould. My 3-year-old niece saw it and we had an interesting conversation.

Her: What is it?
Me: This is for the mooncake.
Her: Where is the moon?

All right. How do I explain that there’s no moon in a mooncake? Like how a shortcake isn’t short, and how a fairy cake has no fairy in it?

And if you’re wondering why I took out the mooncake mould, it COULD be because I will be attempting to make mooncakes. :D

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Posted by lovelyloey on September 24, 2009

First, regarding the definition of humph which my desktop dictionary gives:

Humph: (interjection) Exclamation denoting surprise, or contempt, doubt, etc.

Surprise, contempt, doubt ETC? What goes into ETC? Is there something similarly among the three nouns there that can help me to extrapolate an ETC?

Oh well. That’s not the point of this post.

This post is here as a confession of sorts.

See, I looked back at the past few posts, and found that they have all been about food.

I don’t want to turn into a full-fledged foodie blogger. That’s so passe. Especially in Singapore. Plus this blog is titled Ink Inc., not Butter Inc., or Cream Inc., etc. (there, that’s a right usage of et cetera). So the writing should be the prima donna, not the food and pictures.

So I’m mildly miffed, especially when I am just about to post on the most crazy decadent chocolate cake I had last night from Gloria Jean. So I hold back. I don’t want the blog to turn into a food blog interjected with random other posts. But then I am starting to document my sourdough biga growing. Which will essentially turn into another food post.

All I have in my mind to blog about is about food, or religion, I suppose. What about religion you might ask me. Well, it’s about the condescending Christian fucktards, as usually. Maybe I’ll expound on that in my next post.

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Posted by lovelyloey on September 12, 2009

It just dawned on me that we are living in such a connected globalised world.

Take my life as an example; each day I check my email, Facebook, Twitter and blog feeds multiple times. While I tune in to the latest music videos on Youtube, I can be reading the latest blog entry by Stephen Fry or a random baker half the world away. While I connect to my school’s web portal, I am notified by Twitterfox that Martha Stewart went to Cape Cod. Even when writing this paragraph, I have hotlinked you to more than 5 sources.

Yesterday I bought for myself the new Apple iPod Nano (in pink, duh). I logged on to iTunes, synced my musics and downloaded Podcasts and open lectures from Itunes U. So now when I travel from home to school, I can tune in to an open lecture on Philosophy by Stanford University or watch a TED talk. At the same time, I can connect to the internet on my HTC smartphone and send out an email.

Such is the globalised life I have. I’m constantly connected, constantly trying to keep myself updated with stuff. It almost feels like if I don’t do these things, I am reduced to, I don’t know, a mere speck on the face of this earth. It feels natural now to be connected to bigger things out there in the world and to just make technology work for me.

Oh yes, I am loving the iPod Nano, even though I don’t think the placement of the camera is intelligent design.

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Posted by lovelyloey on September 11, 2009

Yesterday I was coerced into buying a textbook to learn hiragana, which is the syllabic alphabets that make up one of the 3 writing systems used in Japanese. (Katakana and kanji are the other two.)

In the book I am provided space to practise my penmanship. I feel like a nursery student all over again when learning to pick up a new writing system. Perhaps the verb “pick up” trivializes matters; it certainly is not easy trying to learn another writing system. I’m so far past the critical age of language acquisition already this is beginning to resemble an impossible mission.

Nonetheless I will press on. I may have some aptitude for languages, who knows.

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Posted by lovelyloey on September 5, 2009

There seems to be just this bossy streak in me that makes me give people advice each time they tell me their problems. Even in situations when they don’t particularly need advice but just need a listening ear, I somehow wind up with an advice to give them. Sometimes even when it’s not exactly a problem that requires solving, I end up bossing them around making them listen to me.

I’m not sure that’s a good thing anymore. My ability to just sympathize and just LISTEN is slowly ebbing away. Just providing hmm and oh dear that’s bad is beginning to seem more and more pointless to me. And this is something bad. It’s making me close up more and more. I never talk to people about my problems because I’m not looking for hmms and oh dears. If I ever do speak up about my issues, I must be looking for advice and solutions.

Which unfortunately or fortunately, is always provided by myself.

Maybe one day people will talk to me less and less because of my bossy attitude.

Maybe one day I’ll close up like a dead clam and never open up again.

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Expensive children’s parties

Posted by lovelyloey on August 18, 2009

My niece Clara recently came over to celebrate her birthday (which is today – happy birthday Clara!). The week before we had already gone to watch Up in 3D with another 14 of her friends – at $13 per head for the movie alone, she celebrated her tenth birthday with some of her classmates. Already that felt kinda expensive for a kid’s birthday party, until we heard about her other friend.

See, the day she came to my house she brought with her some cupcakes from Bakerzinn. Apparently her friend invited 11 other children to take part in a cupcake decoration workshop held by Bakerzinn and it costs more than $1000 for 12 children for the workshop and buffet reception for 18 adults or so. THAT. IS. ONE. EXPENSIVE. CHILDREN’S PARTY. Even I did not spend that kind of money for my 21st birthday. And seriously, for an event that occurs once a year, there is no meaning whatsoever in having a pricey celebration apart from, showing off?

Oh well, cynic be me. Anyway, some pictures of the cupcakes:

Seriously, this is cheat money or what. They didn’t even provide buttercream icing loh! Only the squeeze tube kind I can get from Phoon Huat … sheesh.

Anyway the birthday girl!

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I wore my shoes down

Posted by lovelyloey on August 14, 2009

I was packing my shoes and I saw the ghastly thing that happened to my cheap pair of flats ($19 from FEP).

The thin sole wore down so much there are two holes at the ball of my feet! The white exposed parts are the footbed of the shoe I think. If I stepped into a puddle they would soak through. Not only did I wear the sole down, I broke the sole. Here’s a close-up:

See the chasm? I have no idea how I managed to wear these soles down so fast. I don’t even wear these shoes a lot. They clock at most 200-250 walking hours? Goes to show cheap stuff are never good. I will never buy another pair of shoes from FEP. To think I once thought their shoes are not too shoddy (compared to the ones at Bugis Village). I am wrong. So all be forewarned – buy cheap shoes at your own risk. Oh yes, the heel of another pair from the same shop is threatening to break off where it meets the rest of the shoes. I can’t be bothered to attempt to glue it back knowing it’ll come off again. I don’t want to have to do a Mentos moment while traipsing around downtown.

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The haze is getting to me

Posted by lovelyloey on August 8, 2009

Blame the stupid babi farmers slashing and burning in Indonesia for my ENT problems and consequent bad mood. That is perhaps the greatest contributing factor of me snapping at the Nuts yesterday when they were late for 15 minutes. It’s the haze, the haze! I don’t think it’s going away soon, the hotspots in Indonesia are increasing. So, the next time you start wondering why Wanni is in a bad mood and insulting people’s grandmothers, do remember it’s the fault of the babi-babi in Indonesia.

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Random Rambles

Posted by lovelyloey on August 6, 2009

I’m beginning to be like KL with her Multitude of Random Thoughts because there’s just so much things that don’t fall into any neat categories, and yet don’t warrant one whole post by themselves.


Today I talked to someone who found out that I am doing Masters. He said he regrets not doing further studies after his BSc. (Instead he came out to work.) He said he should have stayed in school and leeched off the parents longer. He advised me to chiong for a PhD.


I found my perfect jeans fit from Gap. Even though it requires alterations, but somehow after altering for length it doesn’t look bad. (See, usually if you alter length on bootleg jeans, they become weird) I love the jeans. I hope Gap never phases out the cutting. I’d buy them even though it’s pricey. (60usd from the website, 175sgd in Singapore store – bloodsuckers!)


I have a sudden need to get a pair of sneakers for back2skool because I’m afraid I’ll wear out my Ed Hardy ones from the US. But I cannot buy any more shoes. It’s bordering on immoral, my shoe stash.


As some of you can tell I am totally copying KL in this random ramble post, even the dashes to separate the different strands of thoughts. :D

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How has Facebook changed my life

Posted by lovelyloey on August 1, 2009

I thought I might do a tribute post to Facebook just in case it becomes the next Friendster. You neh know, ya?

So how has Facebook changed my, and perhaps your life? Here’s a simple list:

  1. I am now adept at expressing myself in third person, thanks to the Facebook status. Before Facebook, putting myself as the third person was rare. Now it happens a few times a day. Wanni is not sure if this is anything good, but it is nonetheless a new perspective.
  2. I can share my thoughts and interests better and faster by Share-ing things I find on the internet – Youtube videos, pictures, websites … and by Share-ing, people who have the same interest can explore new things.
  3. I can buy and give away lavish luxury items like LVs and Louboutins. :D
  4. My friends claim that if I join Pet Society, I will finally have a pet that doesn’t die prematurely. Then again Neopets suffice, just that no one plays Neopets anymore. But the game applications in Facebook has stimulated endless procrastination fun. The competition among friends is fun too. Games like Bejeweled Blitz helped us sharpen our minds. (At its height, which was during the exam period, records set would be broken in matter of minutes.)
  5. I can stalk spy look at photos of my friends (and non-friend interests) put up by their other friends and laugh at the funny ones. And bitch about the lousy ones. And “Like” the good ones.

Do you have something else to add? I can’t think of anything right now … hm.

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