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Posted by lovelyloey on October 12, 2009

As you know I bought a new iPod Nano recently and with it comes an in-built pedometer. I’ve set it to “Always On” so it measures the number of steps I take as long as I carry my iPod with me. So far, it’s been really fun and interesting to keep track of how much I walk. When I connect my iPod to the computer it’d automatically sync via iTunes and update my profile on the Nike+ website. There are various milestones to achieve for the NikeplusActive (pedometer) such as walking off a donut, walking off a box of chocolates, scaling Mount Fuji … granted, climbing a mountain is not at all similar to walking in Ion Orchard, but let’s ignore those little details. So far, my best record is 11,678 steps, set on the day I went shopping with KL from Plaza Singapura to Ion Orchard. I’ve been trying to beat that record; my closest was about 100+ steps off the mark. So this is a fun way to motivate me to walk more.

Because I was so hooked on to this iPod and walking thing, I got myself the Nike+iPod sportskit. This is a step further than just the pedometer alone. By placing the sensor in my running shoes and then plugging in the receiver to my iPod, the iPod can track how long, how far and how fast I run or walk. So I took it on a trial run today and I can say it’s the best thing ever invented. I chose a Time goal and selected 30 minutes. While I was walking/running, the voiceover will come on every 5 minutes to tell me how long I have till I reach my goal. If I press the the centre button on the iPod, it tells me how long I’ve walked, how far (in km) and my pace (how many minutes per km). No more using stupid (which is now defunct by the way) to attempt to measure how many inches I’ve ran. The sensor, for the lack of a better word, senses the distance for me. I don’t know how accurate it is, but I’d like to think it shouldn’t be too far off. And of course, the data is synced to the website which keeps a record and plots a chart for me. If you are my Facebook friend, go to my profile and you can see this cute little widget on the left column that’s linked to my Nikeplus account online. So geeky and so cool. This is like a way better motivator than a chunky $60/hr personal fitness instructor (not that I had one, just saying).

And so you never know, because of iPod I might start running (again). :D

3 Responses to “Nike+iPod”

  1. kayelle said

    Adidas sundown! Start running, you deep sea monster!

  2. wolfgirl said

    wah….. so how many steps is that to the buffet table? (ok, I admit, lame joke)

  3. wolfgirl said

    Anotehr super lame statement from me: will taking daintier steps help you achieve your target?? Or walking/tapping your feet on the spot? (e.g. walking for the imbecile cashier to ring up your items)

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