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Techy Post

Posted by lovelyloey on October 5, 2009

First, I hate hate hate Windows. I did a Windows update as they recommended, and it totally crashed my system. I had to wipe my C drive clean (thank myself for putting my important stuff on D drive) and do a disk recover. Not fun at all. So my C drive is clean now, and I have to reinstall everything from Itunes to Office to my printer. All such a fucking chore. Even just doing my Add-ons on Firefox alone was killing me.

So I hate Windows. I would totally switch to Ubuntu if not for Windows Live Messenger, which I happen to like.


I want a new phone. It’s simply a want, not need. My contract is going to expire in Jan, so given the 21-month policy,  I can get a new phone by the mid of this month I think. This time round, I know exactly what I want. I want a Blackberry. In fact I had wanted a Blackberry at my last recontract 2 years ago. But because at that time I needed a phone with good music capability (BB then did not really sport music players) and also, data plans were expensive then. So I didn’t get my BB and got a Nokia instead. About one year ago when my sister recontracted, she got a HTC smartphone and after usurping it from her, I realised how incredibly convenient it is. Given that Singapore has free Wifi almost anywhere in the city area and most major landmarks and shopping malls, I hopped onto the free Wifi using the smartphone. But, that’s the issue. When I don’t have network or when the network screws up on me, I feel this severe handicap. Which obviously is not a good sign. What has this got to do with me getting a Blackberry? That’s a good question. I think it’s partly because Starhub provides a Blackberry data plan I find hard to resist and also, have you see the amount of customization and accessories for the BB? (Oops.)

So the bottomline is, I just WANT a BB. I don’t need one.   Shame on you if you judge me.


My sister recently got a Netbook. Small tiny little pink thing that is portable (although I keep seeing it in  the house rather than in the bag). As usual, I get dibs on new techy stuff in the house. I was playing with in and was trying to install random things for her and I couldn’t find a CD drive. I couldn’t. I didn’t know Netbooks came without CD drive. Or is it just her model? So I had no choice but to download OpenOffice for her. I *heart* open-source softwares.

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