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Snowskin Mooncake part 2

Posted by lovelyloey on September 30, 2009

The mooncakes I made on Tuesday were seemingly disappearing at an immeasurable speed. So I had to make more, and today I decided to try if I can make mooncakes out of silicon bakeware. And boy could I. So no more tosh about flying women, just pictures:

mooncake 010

Rose-shaped mooncake. The brown snowskin is supposed to be chocolate coffee flavoured, but the taste didn’t come out very well. I have actually baked muffins with these before, if you want to look, it’s here.  The mooncake looks so much better than the pitted muffins the other time round.

mooncake 007

Mickey Mouse. Feel free to call me goddess now. Don’t hold back, it’s a work of art ain’t it. So what if other people have embossed Mickey and Hello Kitty mooncakes? I have it in 3D. I win. Woohoo.

And just before you think the ears are just skin, nope. To do that is beneath me.

mooncake 014

Interior’s of Mickey’s ear – green bean paste.

Now, isn’t this amazing or what? Humbly speaking, I have once again outdone myself. :D

One Response to “Snowskin Mooncake part 2”

  1. kayelle said

    Your mooncakes are not bad! Healthier alternatives to the ones out there but then again, I’m an unhealthy person :P Still, it’s nice! hoho thank you!

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