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Cartoons and sexual innuendos

Posted by lovelyloey on February 21, 2006

I was randoming clicking the “next blog” buttons and came across this rather interesting entry by ThinkingItThrough. And I did think it through, and it just dawned on me the amount of sex we are exposing the children to. Below is said picture of clergy sporting a stiffie:

Your verdict? Well, I think that this is rather like the 9 dolphins (or whatever number) versus romping couple picture we all receive from the chain mails, isn’t it? Little kids really see it as the knee, you sicko.

Artistic errors aside, there are still some things that are hard to miss. Like, can someone explain this to me?

He (Patrick Star) literally has Spongebob between his arse? Man, and I thought the fishnet-stocking-bondage getup in the movie was bad enough.

But then again, to children, these are just harmless funny antics. These jokes are there to, I guess, entertain accompanying adults. But I’m a tad afraid for the tweens, those who are budding teenagers, for they are exposed to such innuendos on TV everyday. Not to mention raunchy cowboy making out scenes liberally available on YouTube (opps). So yeah, keep the tweens safe. Make them watch the news and pick up violence. In some ways, violence seem less harmful than sexual abuse.

13 Responses to “Cartoons and sexual innuendos”

  1. Keith said

    I think TV should be more responsible.

  2. Deane said

    TV be more resposible, they think they are untouchable. They need to be knocked down a couple of knotches

  3. I was reading some other blog about sex and violence and how woman sometime can bring it on herself. This is a great blog too. I think what is happening these days like the shooting in schools and drive by. All these caused by MEDIA. Sometime you wonder how kids know more about sex than the parents do. It’s disgusting how we always want to protect the kids and the future, but we don’t follow through with it in every aspects of our society. Internet and TV are the biggest reason why kids turn out to be shooter, rapist, child molestors, robbers and like the all the bad people in the world. Especially, T.V. and Movie makes violence look very sexy and cool. So, they go and exercise what is preached on the screen.
    If a child is told raping a woman and beating is fun, then he will grow up to be a rapist or women beater or wife beater. NO ONE IS BORN A BAD PERSON. IT’S THE SOCIETY THAT MAKES US WHO WE ARE.

  4. Penny Lane said

    I believe the children are our future, teach them well, and let them lead the way.

  5. Penny Lane said

    BTW “Kevin Bacon”… I happen to have been a phsyc major, and Physcos, are born that way. So you’d be mistaken, now wouldn’t you.

  6. lovelyloey said

    I agree that society plays a big part on how a child turns out, but ultimately, we as adults and parents should teach our child that nothing on TV is what it seems, and to learn to watch TV responsibly.

  7. Greg said

    A psych major would know how to spell psychos correctly. As for media being the biggest reason for children to grow up to be monsters, that’s a load of crap. There has always been rapers, thieves, pedophiles, and murderers since man came about. The media isn’t the cause. As for shows like Spongebob that have sexual innuendos, it’s not going to turn children into homosexuals. Kids don’t think like that. Teenagers are certainly NOT going to become gay or straight based on a television show. No one is going to shoot up a school because they saw someone do it on television. It just doesn’t happen that way, although many push for that reason. You can’t even blame the parents for everything their child does. People need to stop looking for excuses.

  8. Jay Bee Dubya said

    Jesus H. Christ people! Don’t blame SPONGEBOB or another child’s cartoon for your kid turning out wrong, blame the fact you failed as a parent to properly discipline your damned child. Yeah, T.V. can influence your kid if you let your television RAISE them instead of you doing it your own self. Don’t blame the media for what you failed to do.

  9. Ultima said

    “BTW “Kevin Bacon”… I happen to have been a phsyc major, and Physcos, are born that way. So you’d be mistaken, now wouldn’t you.”

    We’ll believe you when you learn how to spell the apparent major you have.

    Physics? Psychology? No? Or is it just Physc major. And remember baby, Physics has nothing to do with people or Psychopaths iin any way shape or form.

    So basically go die.

  10. wolfgirl said

    Kevin Bacon?????!!!!!!! As in Kevin Bacon, the Kevin Bacon??? American Beauty’s Kevin Bacon???

  11. ogg said

    that is uak

  12. chikki said

    hold on guys yall are blowing this out of porportion, and i do agree with jay bee, yall should be more worried about what yall’s kids watch. Thats why the shows have ratings so you know what the show contains. dont blame spongebob.i watch that show and there is nothing obscene about it. there are other shows that do send hidden messages but its the parents job to monitor what kids watch. and dont worry, kids are not stupid, just cause they see spongebob take his pants off does not mean kids will do it!

  13. the best one…

    […]Cartoons and sexual innuendos « Ink Inc.[…]…

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