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Only idiots immortalize idiots

Posted by lovelyloey on October 13, 2009


‘Nuff said.

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Posted by lovelyloey on October 12, 2009

As you know I bought a new iPod Nano recently and with it comes an in-built pedometer. I’ve set it to “Always On” so it measures the number of steps I take as long as I carry my iPod with me. So far, it’s been really fun and interesting to keep track of how much I walk. When I connect my iPod to the computer it’d automatically sync via iTunes and update my profile on the Nike+ website. There are various milestones to achieve for the NikeplusActive (pedometer) such as walking off a donut, walking off a box of chocolates, scaling Mount Fuji … granted, climbing a mountain is not at all similar to walking in Ion Orchard, but let’s ignore those little details. So far, my best record is 11,678 steps, set on the day I went shopping with KL from Plaza Singapura to Ion Orchard. I’ve been trying to beat that record; my closest was about 100+ steps off the mark. So this is a fun way to motivate me to walk more.

Because I was so hooked on to this iPod and walking thing, I got myself the Nike+iPod sportskit. This is a step further than just the pedometer alone. By placing the sensor in my running shoes and then plugging in the receiver to my iPod, the iPod can track how long, how far and how fast I run or walk. So I took it on a trial run today and I can say it’s the best thing ever invented. I chose a Time goal and selected 30 minutes. While I was walking/running, the voiceover will come on every 5 minutes to tell me how long I have till I reach my goal. If I press the the centre button on the iPod, it tells me how long I’ve walked, how far (in km) and my pace (how many minutes per km). No more using stupid (which is now defunct by the way) to attempt to measure how many inches I’ve ran. The sensor, for the lack of a better word, senses the distance for me. I don’t know how accurate it is, but I’d like to think it shouldn’t be too far off. And of course, the data is synced to the website which keeps a record and plots a chart for me. If you are my Facebook friend, go to my profile and you can see this cute little widget on the left column that’s linked to my Nikeplus account online. So geeky and so cool. This is like a way better motivator than a chunky $60/hr personal fitness instructor (not that I had one, just saying).

And so you never know, because of iPod I might start running (again). :D

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Tribute to Stephen Gately

Posted by lovelyloey on October 11, 2009


Didn’t think I’d see someone I listened to when I was young(er) die so soon. He was like the cutest in Boyzone and despite the really negative social climate back then he outted himself as gay. Now I know what the crazy homophobic world out there is thinking – serve him right for being gay and for dying in a hotel room in Majorca with his boyfriend/husband. But you still can’t deny he’s good. Not many songs to his name, but I think each one was memorable. Like the one above. One of his first solo after he left Boyzone.

Oh well. Not that I’m a huge fan, but it’s just surreal to see one of your childhood pop icon die. Now I know how those old(er) people felt about MJ.

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Posted by lovelyloey on October 11, 2009


A new shop at Far East Plaza. HORRIBLE NAME. What is rondavous anyway? A bad case of rendezvous?

KL said maybe they are intentionally misspelling it to tell people the correct pronunciation.

Nah-ah. If it’s rondayvoo I can understand. But this is … plain wrong. How am I even supposed to pronounce it, ron-dah-voh-uus? ron-da-vahs like the ou in enough?

Then again, maybe, just maybe it’s French. Rond-à-vous. Meaning “round at/with/to you”. Great way to tell your customers they are fat isn’t it. Great way, then, to start a new shop selling lingerie. (And psst, it’s not lon-jer-ray or whatever your fancy secondary school teacher taught you.)

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Techy Post

Posted by lovelyloey on October 5, 2009

First, I hate hate hate Windows. I did a Windows update as they recommended, and it totally crashed my system. I had to wipe my C drive clean (thank myself for putting my important stuff on D drive) and do a disk recover. Not fun at all. So my C drive is clean now, and I have to reinstall everything from Itunes to Office to my printer. All such a fucking chore. Even just doing my Add-ons on Firefox alone was killing me.

So I hate Windows. I would totally switch to Ubuntu if not for Windows Live Messenger, which I happen to like.


I want a new phone. It’s simply a want, not need. My contract is going to expire in Jan, so given the 21-month policy,  I can get a new phone by the mid of this month I think. This time round, I know exactly what I want. I want a Blackberry. In fact I had wanted a Blackberry at my last recontract 2 years ago. But because at that time I needed a phone with good music capability (BB then did not really sport music players) and also, data plans were expensive then. So I didn’t get my BB and got a Nokia instead. About one year ago when my sister recontracted, she got a HTC smartphone and after usurping it from her, I realised how incredibly convenient it is. Given that Singapore has free Wifi almost anywhere in the city area and most major landmarks and shopping malls, I hopped onto the free Wifi using the smartphone. But, that’s the issue. When I don’t have network or when the network screws up on me, I feel this severe handicap. Which obviously is not a good sign. What has this got to do with me getting a Blackberry? That’s a good question. I think it’s partly because Starhub provides a Blackberry data plan I find hard to resist and also, have you see the amount of customization and accessories for the BB? (Oops.)

So the bottomline is, I just WANT a BB. I don’t need one.   Shame on you if you judge me.


My sister recently got a Netbook. Small tiny little pink thing that is portable (although I keep seeing it in  the house rather than in the bag). As usual, I get dibs on new techy stuff in the house. I was playing with in and was trying to install random things for her and I couldn’t find a CD drive. I couldn’t. I didn’t know Netbooks came without CD drive. Or is it just her model? So I had no choice but to download OpenOffice for her. I *heart* open-source softwares.

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TVMobile is sexist

Posted by lovelyloey on October 2, 2009

or they are stupid.

I was on the bus on Wednesday and I was joylessly glancing at yet another Just For Laughs program on TVMobile when I spotted this insane quotation running on the footer:

“Freedom is the emancipation of the arbitrary rules of other men.”

One, is this quote addressing men only?

Two, arbitrary rules come only from men?

Three, what’s wrong with using Man?

Four, what’s wrong with using other people?

Clearly someone working in there choosing quotes to showcase isn’t very smart.

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Snowskin Mooncake part 2

Posted by lovelyloey on September 30, 2009

The mooncakes I made on Tuesday were seemingly disappearing at an immeasurable speed. So I had to make more, and today I decided to try if I can make mooncakes out of silicon bakeware. And boy could I. So no more tosh about flying women, just pictures:

mooncake 010

Rose-shaped mooncake. The brown snowskin is supposed to be chocolate coffee flavoured, but the taste didn’t come out very well. I have actually baked muffins with these before, if you want to look, it’s here.  The mooncake looks so much better than the pitted muffins the other time round.

mooncake 007

Mickey Mouse. Feel free to call me goddess now. Don’t hold back, it’s a work of art ain’t it. So what if other people have embossed Mickey and Hello Kitty mooncakes? I have it in 3D. I win. Woohoo.

And just before you think the ears are just skin, nope. To do that is beneath me.

mooncake 014

Interior’s of Mickey’s ear – green bean paste.

Now, isn’t this amazing or what? Humbly speaking, I have once again outdone myself. :D

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Snowskin Mooncake

Posted by lovelyloey on September 29, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival is on Saturday. Actually I’m not even sure what mooncakes have to do with mid-Autumn, or why the Chinese people are valourizing a woman who stood up against the husband (seeing how traditional Chinese culture is male chauvinistic). Isn’t the story of mooncake about some spies passing spy notes embedded in mooncakes right under the enemies’ nose? Or was it the one where they hurl mooncakes at the moon in hope that it’d feed moon aliens so they don’t feed on that Ms. Chang who flew to the moon? Oh well, no one really cares. Festivals are all about food. And Mid-Autumn is all about mooncakes. And probably children’s lanterns with awful high octave cheenapok music.

Anyway, ’nuff said. Picture of my snowskin mooncakes.



Recipe acquired from here.

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Posted by lovelyloey on September 27, 2009

Today I took out my Mum’s mooncake mould. My 3-year-old niece saw it and we had an interesting conversation.

Her: What is it?
Me: This is for the mooncake.
Her: Where is the moon?

All right. How do I explain that there’s no moon in a mooncake? Like how a shortcake isn’t short, and how a fairy cake has no fairy in it?

And if you’re wondering why I took out the mooncake mould, it COULD be because I will be attempting to make mooncakes. :D

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Posted by lovelyloey on September 24, 2009

First, regarding the definition of humph which my desktop dictionary gives:

Humph: (interjection) Exclamation denoting surprise, or contempt, doubt, etc.

Surprise, contempt, doubt ETC? What goes into ETC? Is there something similarly among the three nouns there that can help me to extrapolate an ETC?

Oh well. That’s not the point of this post.

This post is here as a confession of sorts.

See, I looked back at the past few posts, and found that they have all been about food.

I don’t want to turn into a full-fledged foodie blogger. That’s so passe. Especially in Singapore. Plus this blog is titled Ink Inc., not Butter Inc., or Cream Inc., etc. (there, that’s a right usage of et cetera). So the writing should be the prima donna, not the food and pictures.

So I’m mildly miffed, especially when I am just about to post on the most crazy decadent chocolate cake I had last night from Gloria Jean. So I hold back. I don’t want the blog to turn into a food blog interjected with random other posts. But then I am starting to document my sourdough biga growing. Which will essentially turn into another food post.

All I have in my mind to blog about is about food, or religion, I suppose. What about religion you might ask me. Well, it’s about the condescending Christian fucktards, as usually. Maybe I’ll expound on that in my next post.

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